Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to our Discord bot, Virtual Farmer#6004. A seperate privacy policy which applies to our website, can be found here.

What data is stored?

- Your user ID.
- Your username.
- Bot-related information such as your in-game money, level, etc.
- Any donations you have made, associated only with your discord ID, no personally identifiable information is stored.

Why is this data needed/How do we use this data?

All data stored by our bot is required for it to function properly.

Who all has access to your data?

The limited data we collect may be displayed publicly in certain circumstances, including but not limited to:
- Leaderboards.
- Viewing other user profiles.
- When using a global boost donation perk.

No usage statistics, Discord information, donation information, progress information, or personal information is sold to third parties.


If you have any questions or concerns about our practices regarding privacy, feel free to contact us:
- By Email ([email protected]).
- By Discord (Saltspreader#3697).

Requesting removal of your data

To request removal of your data from our servers, you can:
- Contact us by means of one of the methods listed above.
- DM our bot Virtual Farmer#6004 the phrase "privacy reset".
We may hold certain information, such as your user ID for up to a year in the event of your receiving a ban from our bot.